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    Witness sheer joy and magic on weekends with Top Flight. The Weekend Academy is where Top Flight coaches work magic on kids, from nurturing a love for the game to promoting a deep appreciation and respect for basketball, and building the fundamental skills to become a nuanced player.


   Every weekend Top Flight offers a variety of programs aimed at enhancing players' fundamental skill level, basketball IQ and understanding of the game. From our Top Flight Mini Flyers (Ages 3-5) to our Cadets (Ages 6-12) and Aviators (13-18), our sessions are designed to motivate and push students to maximize their potential.

      Sessions run from 60 to 90 minutes with a ratio of 1 coach for every 8 students. Students are grouped by age, experience and sometimes gender to ensure they receive personalized attention. Weekend Academy programs run during the school calendar year on Saturdays and Sundays. For boy and girls ages 3 to 17.

Weekend Academy on Sundays

at the Ekkamai International School

Days: Sundays
Time: 15:00-16:30
Location: Ekkamai International School, 57 Ekkamai 12 Alley

This program is designed for students aged 5-16 and our coaches ensure that the kids are grouped according to their age and skill level during the session.

The program primarily focuses on enhancing the fundamental skills of passing, shooting, and dribbling, through a combination of drills and games in a fun yet competitive environment. In addition, we also incorporate the SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness) component into our training sessions, not only to enhance their basketball skills, but also to develop well-rounded athletes who can excel in any sport.

Weekend Academy -ESF (1).jpg
Young Kid Playing Basketball with Top Flight

Ages 3-5

The Top Flight Mini Flyers program (boys and girls ages 3-5) was designed to help our youngest players develop a love for the game of basketball in a fun, non-competitive environment that emphasizes the basic fundamentals of passing, shooting, dribbling. In this program we focus less on playing 5 on 5 games and more on skill development. This program also works to develop our players' overall athleticism with games that focus on coordination, agility, and motor skills.


Ages 6-12

Our Top Flight Cadets program (boys and girls ages 6-10) emphasizes the basic fundamental skills of passing, shooting, and dribbling, with drills and games in a fun, more competitive environment than our Mini Flyers program. In the Cadets program we also introduce the SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness) component to our training sessions to aid not only in our players’ development as basketball players, but to make them well rounded athletes who can excel in any sport.



Ages 13-18

The Top Flight Aviators is the next progression from the Top Flight Cadets. In the Aviators program (boys and girls age 11 and over), the basic fundamentals of dribbling, passing, and shooting are taught to beginner level students. More experienced players work on advanced basketball concepts and the more technical aspects of the game. Our SAQ (Speed Agility and Quickness) component is also a huge part of the Aviators training program, as we look to improve our players’ overall athleticism, explosiveness, core stability, and strength.

Weekend Basketball training at Top Flight Bangkok
Top Flight Basketball Weekend Academy
Kids enjoying Basketball in Bangkok with Top Flight
Girls playing basketball in Bangkok with Top Flight
Top Flight Basketball Weekend Academy

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